Emilie is a harp teacher as well.
She gives harp lessons on several places in The Netherlands.
See the locations below.

Artiance Centrum voor de Kunsten, Alkmaar:

Since August 2016 Emilie is a harp teacher at Artiance. Pupils
can have private lessons or together in a group.
Pupils until the age of 21 can contact Artiance directly. Pupils
after the above of 21 can contact Emilie.
Visit for more information: www.artiance.nl

Camac Harpen Nederland, Rotterdam:

Since September 2017 Emilie is a harp teacher at Camac Harpen Nederland.
Please contact Emilie or Camac Harpen Nederland for more information about the harp lessons.
On the 10th of September the school year will start with an Harp & Start - day with a lot of workshops.
Feel free to come and join us.
More information: Camac Harpen Nederland

Cultuurcentrum Heemskerk:

Emilie teaches at Cultuurcentrum Heemskerk since January 2014.
Once every month the pedal ensemble is practicing together with Emilie. Pupils under the age of 21 can contact Cultuurcentrum Heemskerk directly.
Pupils above the age of 21 can contact Emilie directly.
More information:www.cultuurcentrumheemskerk.nl

Cultuurhuis Garenspinnerij, Gouda:

Harpist Jaike Bakker and Emilie teaches both at Cultuurhuis Garenspinnerij.
Contact Cultuurhuis Garenspinnerij for more information.
Info: www.cultuurhuisgarenspinnerij.nl

Private lessons Den Haag / 's-Hertogenbosch:

Contact Emilie for more information. Visit the contact page.