Besides the classical repertoire, Emilie is very interested in the modern developments around the harp.
Music makes a development contains and the harp is involved.
Emilie likes to show the wide possibilities of the harp to a divers audience.

Since November 2015 Emilie plays the Electro-Acoustic Big Blue harp by Camac.
This harp offers more possibilities than only play with an amplifier. This harp offers a huge range of new sounds using expression pedals. For example a big reverb, an echo or a wah wah pedal. The possibilities are endless.
During her playing, Emilie uses an extended loop station. This makes it possible to record some of you musical phrases during playing. This will be repeated afterwards, so you can play together with yourself. This creates surprising and beautiful musical combinations.

Since September 2017, her Big Blue has received a small Electro buddy. Emilie plays the Electric DHC32 harp by Camac as well. She can carry this harp, which gives even more possibilities over the entire stage.

Emilie has high quality sound equipment, which allows her to play wherever necessary. Both harps can be used very well for playing during (large) events, but also for solo concerts with a modern touch.